Thursday, April 5, 2012

{Guest Post} The Name Paige

As a new intern at New Day, I was taken back a bit and honored when Karen approached me and asked me to name the newest arrival at New Day.

This was something I had not even considered before, and I felt the weight of the responsibility on me as I anticipated seeing this little one for the first time. Any names I had considered before as possibilities for my own children did not seem to fit or were already given to children at New Day. My mind went blank like when you take a test and forget all the answers and by the time it came for me to meet her for the first time, I had not made much progress.

Then the moment that I was waiting for, and I was brought to see her for the first time. The name Paige, one that I had thought of before, just seemed to suit her sweet little face.

When I looked into her eyes, I had great hope for her in the future to be a wonderful servant of God who loved the Lord as much as He has first loved her. I praised God for bringing this beautiful child of God to the Foster Home, and I was still in awe that God had chosen me to give her a new name. This name change to me was a symbol of her new identity as a member of the New Day family where she was loved and cherished.

And from that moment that I first met Paige, I started praying for her and looking for how God would work in her life. We knew that hers was a difficult case, but seeing so many miracles at New Day, I wasn’t too concerned. I knew that she was in God’s hands, and so I watched her grow and develop at New Day. As I watched her, I wondered how her life would affect those around her. The thing is, she was already touching everyone around her.

And from that first encounter with beautiful little Paige, I felt a connection to her that I had never felt before. Through the process of naming her, I felt almost as though I had been granted godmother status in her life. And what a blessing this was to me! I daily prayed for Paige and checked up on her, always asking the nannies for updates on her progress. Through Paige, God was opening my heart up more than I knew.

And then that morning came; I was in utter disbelief and shock when I was informed of her passing. Even though I was well aware of the seriousness of her heart condition, her passing had never crossed my mind before. In fact, I know that it took me several days before the weight of her passing was fully realized.

I read her memorial over and over, and God spoke to me tenderly. He told me that he loved Paige more than any of us could. He told me that she was safe, secure and at rest in his arms. He told me that her life had a purpose. And he showed me the other children at the Foster Home in need of the same loving attention that I had given to Paige.

Paige’s life spurred me toward deeper love and compassion for the rest of God’s precious children. It is my prayer that Paige’s life will be an inspiration to you as well.


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