Sunday, May 13, 2012

Five More Days

Five more days until the chipin ends and our fundraiser is over.

Five more days, and this little "honoring" of Liu Yi and Paige will be over.

Here, though not in our hearts.

Lindsay and I are so grateful to those who have come along side of us and helped raise the amazing $10,400 that has come in so far. Thank you. We have raised enough for Lydia's heart surgery, and quite a bit to go towards her other acute medical costs... like this current hospital stay due to pneumonia.

If the fundraiser ended today, we'd be happy. Satisfied. Our darling angel's lives have been honored and honestly, that's all that we set out to do.

So, five more days. Who knows, maybe more money will come in? Maybe it won't... but either way we're excited at what has happened through this fundraiser. Lives are already changing...

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