Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Something's Happening

Lydia has been in the hospital for nearly a month. She's been in PICU for nearly two weeks. Now, it looks like she may be released back to a regular ward. Heal, baby, heal!

And other things are happening too. Just check out that chipin! 77% is quite marvelous and I'm amazed. Can we do 33% in three days? Honestly, it's okay if we can't... I don't want to pressure anybody! But, if your spare change is adding up into something rather substantial, you're trying to avoid caffeine this summer and suddenly your coffee budget has a surplus, or maybe you are stocked in summer clothes already and don't need to go shopping...consider putting that extra cash to help save the life of a baby girl who has no mommy or daddy.

A little girl who is fighting for her life.

A little girl who needs us - you.

Something is happening, and you can be apart of it.

Why not?

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