Saturday, March 17, 2012

Happy Birthday, Paige!

Happy 1st birthday, my little Pixie.

Today you would have turned one. I would have carried you down to the preschool room, decorated with streamers, chairs lined up in a row at the long table. The chalkboard would have said, “Happy First Birthday Paige!” Many of your sponsors would have been there. They all would oooh and ahhh over your delicate white skin, big eyes and that sweet tuft of hair. Maybe their foreheads would crease with worry when they saw just how blue your little fingers were… But they all would love you.

Your turn would be first, Paige. The candle would be lit, and you, sitting in my lap before the fancily decorated cake, would stare with wide eyes as they sang to you. Then, twelve 2 year-olds would help you blow out the candle, and your nanny would quickly smear some frosting onto your face. It’s your first birthday, after all.

We would have remarked and amazed that you survived it this far, because it would have been a miracle.

But Paige? Even though you didn’t make it to your first birthday, even though your heart decided to stop and your weak, little body failed you six months ago… you’re still a miracle.

You’re a miracle in the way that you taught love, and in the way that you loved.

You’re a miracle, because you did make it. Your physically broken heart survived for six months, and that’s incredible. Because your life, for those short six months, was full.

And so, my little Pixie, I am going to celebrate today, your first birthday. I am going to celebrate it by fighting for another pale-skinned, broken hearted, tufted-hair angel.

Because, just like you did, Paige, Lydia needs a new heart.

Lydia needs to have heart surgery, and I’m determined to make that happen. The surgery will cost about $8,000. Will you help me celebrate Paige’s life by giving Lydia a chance at one of her own?

You can donate through Paypal on the Chipin in the upper right-hand corner. The money donated will go straight to New Day Foster Home, where Lydia lives. If you would like to donate through check, please e-mail for instructions.


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