Sunday, April 8, 2012

Of Healing, Of Life

 The sanctity of a little girl breathing,
The preciousness of her little beating heart...
Held in His arms,
Healed by His touch.
Working miracles. Giving Life.

Something has changed. In an amazing, beautiful, miraculous way.

Tabitha is no longer on the "surgeries needed" page. Because she will very likely NOT need surgery.

From the baby who scared us, she is now the little girl who amazes us.

We didn't think that she would make it, she was so sick, but HE knew the truth. He knew her and loved her and created the perfect plan for her. Liu Yi and Paige didn't get a chance to experience a full and healthy life on earth, but Tabitha will.

I believe that God had a plan for all four of these little girls. He knew that Liu Yi and Paige needed to go to be with him sooner than Lindsay and I would have liked. He took the opportunity of welcoming His precious children into His arms to teach us some valuable lessons about love. He also knew that Tabitha would be a very sick little baby, and that through prayer His healing power would be manifested. In order to show us that He is in control.

So, today, Easter Sunday, we rejoice that which life is. A miracle.

Ni Hao Yall


  1. Thankyou Jesus for Healing Tabitha. God is so Good!!!